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90 and still going strong!

18th September 2013 General

All the family, community friends and staff at Sigma have just celebrated the 90th birthday of Hansraj Devraj Shah, fondly known as ‘Kaka’. Born on the 14th of September 1923 in Kenya, Kaka was the youngest of three brothers, with Meragbhai being the eldest and Jethalalbhai (Bapuji) being the middle child. Having lost both his parents at a very young age, Kaka has worked hard all his life and has achieved success with the guidance of his two brothers and his sister-in-laws, Waliben and Amritben (Baa). Kaka was married to Lalitaben, daughter of Devjikara and Laxmiben from Mombasa, and they have three sons; Bharat, Manish and Kamal. Kaka now resides in London with his three sons and their families and enjoys the fond love and care of his growing family whilst still taking a keen interest in Sigma.