Gender Pay Gap Reporting 2017 – Sigma Pharmaceuticals Plc 

The Company is required to carry out Gender Pay Gap reporting to comply with the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

This gender pay gap report is based on data from the payroll system as at the 5th April 2017.

  • A mean gender pay gap of -10.4% (compared to UK average of 18.1%).
  • A median gender pay gap of -10.6%
  • A mean bonus gender pay gap of -26.5%.
  • A median bonus gender pay gap of -5.9%.
  • A bonus payment was received by 87.4% of females and 91.4% of males.
  • Below are the quartile figures showing the proportion of each gender in each pay band.

Quartile pay bands:

  • Lower Quartile:                 Men 75% Women 25%
  • Lower Middle Quartile:   Men 72.5% Women 27.5%
  • Upper Middle Quartile:   Men 57.5% Women 42.5%
  • Upper Quartile:                 Men 56.3% Women 43.7%


I hereby confirm that the information provided in this report to be accurate.

Bhavin Shah

Executive Director