Sigma Trading Terms


Independent Retail Pharmacy Customers

The following trading terms outline how we transact with our independent retail pharmacy customers (IRP).

Compliance to Company’s trading terms will allow customers to receive additional direct discounts or a Buying Group marker, as well as access to enhanced service levels (set out below)

Trading terms:

  • £1500 generics & £3500 on all product categories

Compliance of trading terms will allow customers access to:

  • Saturday delivery (if available)
  • Afternoon delivery (if available)
  • No minimum order value for delivery
  • Direct discount or Buying Group Marker eligibility upon signed Direct Debit mandate
  • Later ordering cut-offs
  • SigConnect online ordering
  • Access to all available offers and discounts

Failure to comply with trading terms, or payment terms, will see removal of above benefits.

A minimum order value of £250 will be applied to courier deliveries, and £50 to Sigma deliveries, where spend on all products of £3,500 is not achieved.

All payments must be made by Direct Debit.

Failure to achieve a minimum product category spend of £1500/month will also result in a monthly low-spend surcharge of £300.

Non-IRP Customers

The below terms outline how we transact with our non-IRP customers. These include WDA and non-WDA holders, other healthcare outlets such as veterinarians, dental practices and hospitals, as well as other retail outlets

  • A minimum monthly spend of £3500, across all product categories is required. Failure to meet this spend criteria may result in a monthly low-spend surcharge of £300
  • 30-day payment terms are applicable along with a signed Direct Debit mandate form
  • Inactivity of three months will lead to account closure
  • Minimum order value of £750 is required for delivery otherwise a £50 delivery charge may be applied