Parallel Imports

A comprehensive range of PI products.

The economics of community pharmacy are under great pressure and at a time where every penny counts, you should be maximising profitability in every way you can.  Sigma, together with its sister company OPD Laboratories Limited has one of the largest ranges in Parallel Import licences in the UK owing to our vest network of suppliers all over the European Union.

Labelling facility

Employing almost 100 fully trained staff we carry out a labelling operation at our location facility in Watford, including a fully qualified QA team which run our Quality Management System.

  • Save money
  • Increase profitability
  • Get the best deal on PIs every time you order
  • Order with ease

Sigma/OPD are members of the UK Association BAEPD and the European Association EAEPC.

Orders can be placed using;

  • Your PMR system
  • Visit SigConnect
  • Call: 0800 597 4462