Sourcing pharmaceuticals, surgical dressings, OTC and mobility products for supply to healthcare professionals outside the UK.

With over 35 years of pharmaceutical experience, we offer a worldwide distribution network that meets the strict regulation standard of the MHRA.

Our dedicated export team are able to source pharma medicines, surgical dressings and over-the-counter products for supply to healthcare professionals outside the UK.  With a vast supply chain and a strong audit trail of suppliers, a comprehensive range of products are available, with the guarantee that goods are being sourced from highly reputable suppliers.

The team currently serve pharmaceutical wholesalers and pharmacies in Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, the Middle East, the Asian Subcontinent and the Far East.

Partnering with us

Sigma’s knowledge and experience of the pharmaceutical market and different therapeutic sectors makes them an ideal partner for increasing global demand. Our dedicated business development team and proven track record guarantees that Sigma can offer a thorough, rapid and flexible approach to partnerships and commercialising products globally.

MHRA accredited

Trust and operating integrity must go hand in hand when it comes to the highly regulated field of pharmaceutical products. Sigma Pharmaceuticals plc has gone to great lengths to maintain its Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) status. We value quality control when it comes to drug manufacturing and distribution. All our manufacturing and distribution partners have to be stringently monitored and regularly audited in order to satisfy our own company quality-control standards. It is because of our determination and vigilance that we are able to offer the very best to patients and maintain a high profile in the regulated sector that we specialise in.