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New customers to Sigma

Thank you for your interest in a Sigma account.

Our focus is on maintaining our service for our existing customers during changing market conditions so we are being very careful about opening new accounts right now. Our timescale for reviewing applications is currently 10 – 14 working days.

We are not opening new wholesale accounts, and only assessing a very limited number of Independent Pharmacy and Dispensing Doctor accounts. For a preliminary discussion, please call and ask for our Business Development team on 0800 597 4462, or complete the application form below.

If you  need any assistance with the application form please call us on 01923 331 432.

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Independent Pharmacy and Dispensing Doctor Customers

Independent Pharmacy and Dispensing Doctor Application Form

Export Customers (Non EU)

Export Application Form (Non EU)

Wholesale and Non-pharmacy Customers (UK and EU)

Wholesale and Non-Pharmacy Application Form (UK and EU)

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