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Sigma Pharmaceuticals Plc Donate to Medaid UK for Northern Uganda

28th January 2020 Charity, General

In response to an appeal by the charitable organisation Medaid UK. Sigma have donated stock to a Ugandan Hospital in Lira about a 212 mile drive from Kampala, the capital. From here, the goods will be distributed to other hospitals in the area.

Medaid UK spokesperson and Executive Director, Simon Henry Opio-Emuna said, “We are overwhelmed at the generosity of Sigma to part with so much stock in such a time of desperate need in our country. Whilst this is such a welcome gesture of humanitarian care, we’re still a long way off from our national target of providing health and help to all our citizens”.

Conservative  MP for Watford, Dean Russell, was at Sigma’s warehouse to help load the container with the donated goods. He said, It was an honour to be invited to help with the loading up of some 52 pallets goods…It’s heart-warming to see such excellent humanitarian work taking place in Watford.

The Sigma staff team, together with volunteers from Shishukunj Harrow and Mr Kirti Shah gave up their Saturday morning to support the operation. Commenting on the donation, co-chairman Manish Shah said, “One of our operating principles is built on a simple premise, ‘give and it will always come back’. The first generation family are from East Africa, and naturally, we were delighted to be partnering with this charity, and it gladdens our hearts that we can help and alleviate human suffering and illness in Africa with this little contribution from the UK”.